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Fully bilingual

Spanish & English!
All talent has neutral accents, many have either lived or worked for US companies.

Monthly subscription

It's flexible! You can increase or decrease it based on your workload, no penalties, extra charges, or hidden fees.

In your time zone

We'll be awake when you are, no more problems trying to reach your remote talent.

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Feeling overwhelmed?

We get it, there are so many things to do that 24 hrs a day is just not enough, growing your business or simply taking on more clients comes with increased work.

Or maybe you’re great at sales but not so much at social media; let’s face it, there will always be some aspect of the business where we struggle with. 

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Make your life easier!

Outsourcing a job, no matter how big or small, will allow you to focus on what you do best while a virtual assistant handles the rest. 

A virtual assistant can aid you in areas where you lack experience and help you in balancing your responsibilities and schedule.

We find, screen and recruit remote talent

tailored to your business needs.

Virtual assistants

Stop worrying about all the repetitive/operative tasks that consume a lot of time and usually create little to no value to your business or to you.

Our Virtual Assistants have excellent administrative skills and are well-versed in the best tools for getting things done effectively.

From managing your schedule, receiving phone calls, or making internet research, your Virtual Assistant will become a trusted business partner.

social media done by a virtual assistant

Digital marketing specialist

In this vast digital ocean, we have a selection of sailors that are highly trained in the digital marketing arts of copywriting, social media, advertising, graphic design, email marketing, automation, project management, and more.

They will assist you in navigating the currents and producing results for you or your clients.

Online Business specialist

If you are running an Ecommerce business, whether it is an Amazon FBA business, merchant account or a dedicated online store, we have the perfect specialist to drive your online business to the next level. 

We can handle Product research, listings, inventory upload, order management, ticket management, supplier/vendor communication, chat, or email inquiries.

Our online business specialists are Knowledgeable in most tools and CMS’s.

a virtual assistant working an online store
a virtual assistant working in real state

Real State specialist

We understand that as a real estate professional, you are constantly dealing with listings, appointments, leads, showings, and paperwork. While these activities are important to your business, you do not have to do them all on your own, nor do they require your level of experience.


A real estate assistant can handle all the time-consuming tasks, so you focus on growing your Real Estate business and your GCI.

WordPress specialist

A website, like a car engine, is made up of small pieces that work together and require constant maintenance and attention; if left unchecked for an extended period of time, it will most likely malfunction or just display an error message, which is not good for business.

Unfortunately, it does take a certain level of technical understanding to keep it running and that is where a WordPress assistant comes in, they can take care of blog posting, weekly updates, offsite backups, theme updates, basic SEO optimization even support your store Websites on Woocommerce.


Delegate on talented real people from Latin America

We source talent from over +10 countries, imagine the possibilities!

From virtual assistants ready to assist you in your day-to-day operations to specialized talent ready to take on your most difficult tasks.

Hire remote talent and start saving

The typical hiring process takes time and money, and it will feel like a gamble unless you are an experienced recruiter.

Additionally keeping your personnel on payroll may be very costly.

With us you can say goodbye to:

➡️ Recruiting

➡️ Screening

➡️ Hiring

➡️ Turnover

➡️ Office space & equipment

➡️ Taxes

➡️ Employee benefits

This is how it works


A short meeting to better understand your needs or ideal talent.


You will be able to interview and select from the top candidates.


We will assign an account manager and ensure you get business continuity.

What people say



$ 8-11 Per hour
  • No recruitment or setup fees
  • Guarantee match
  • Back-up virtual assistant


$ 12-15 Per hour
  • No recruitment or setup fees
  • Guarantee match
  • Back-up virtual assistant


$ 16-25 Per hour
  • No recruitment or setup fees
  • Guarantee match
  • Back-up virtual assistant

Frequently asked questions

Because asking questions is ok.

Mostly in Central and South America, where talent abounds but opportunities are scarce.

We carefully select those who pass our filters of psychometric tests, English, specific knowledge, and a final interview by one of the founders to give the seal of quality in the final selection from among the thousands who apply.

Our virtual assistants are proficient in a variety of apps, including teams, zoom, slack, asana, trello, whatsapp etc…

Yes, we can make calls within the United States.

Yes, we will always assign you a virtual assistant who is in the same time zone as you.

They may handle anything from simple, low-value repetitive jobs to high-value strategic projects; we’ll match you with the greatest fit based on your individual requirements.

They are either college graduates or are currently enrolled in college and tend to have a variety of online certificates as well as good work experience.

Work with the remote talent 

your business deserves

We will cross borders, cultures, and go through hundreds of individuals to get you the top talent from Latin America.

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